Total Leader

For businesses and organizations to become truly empowering and innovative enterprises, they must develop leaders throughout the organization. And to be effective, leadership development must utilize a complete, integrated, total process. This is the very foundation of our Total Leader® concept. Too many organizations have attempted to develop leaders with a fragmented, piecemeal, hit and miss approach. They focus on one area, or one facet of leadership believing that is all they need. Leadership is much more complex than that. Trying to develop leaders this way is like trying to become a professional golfer by only practicing your putting.

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The Total Leader® concept identifies four critically important areas that a person must master to become a Total Leader®:

The Total Leader® concept is a comprehensive whole leadership development process. It develops people into total leaders! It’s difficult to imagine that top leaders in an organization could really be effective if they were missing one or more of these key components.

Learn more about the Total Leader Concept in this video from Leadership Management International.

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