May 28, 2020

Meet Our New Team Members!

We are always on the lookout for good people to join our team and we struck gold last month with two new team members. Please join us in welcoming Jeffrey Gregory and Dick Willis. They each bring unique skills and backgrounds to our team.....and therefore, to your team.

Jeffrey Gregory is our new Director of Continuous Improvement. He has over 25 years of manufacturing experience, including having been VP of Operations and Chief Operating Officer in prominent manufacturing companies. Real change starts at the top and Jeffrey works with clients to create a culture of continuous improvement. Working with leaders and associates at all levels gains understanding of the current state to develop a strategy for the future.

Dick Willis joins OpX Solutions as a Digitization Coach.  He has a broad background in Engineering, Project Management and human-centered problem-solving.  His education is in Mechanical Engineering (he holds a master’s degree from MIT) but has always focused on the human element as a key part of any manufacturing “solution”.  Dick has worked for over 20 years in industrial systems integration and tool-building and problem-solving, with customers ranging from mom-and-pop machine-shops to Fortune 100 multinational manufacturers. He helps his customers right-size their systems … for some that is EXCEL and paper sheets, for others it is multi-million-dollar ERP/MES/SCADA systems.  By focusing on asking questions and listening to what is said as well as what is not said, he helps his customers clarify what the real problems are and helps identify the steps between “as-is” and “to-be”.

For their full bios, see our Meet The Team page.

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